Think Fit versus Epic V10 Sport

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Well, it has been nearly a month of paddling various boats. Spent at least a couple of hours in an Epic 18x, Epic V10 Sport, Think Fit and Think EVO.

I'm down to the V10S and the Fit and I'm having trouble deciding, figured I could ask you folks to help spot anything I am missing. Will be paddling both back-to-back again before making my decision.

The Fit is more comfortable. Higher/more vertical backrest, so relaxing actually is comfortable. Getting back in via a surfski-style side mount is more difficult though thanks to the comb, and certainly won't look as pretty. Dangling my feet over the side out in ocean enjoying the coast in the V10S certainly paints a great mental picture. Having the area in front of the footrest/rudder control area open means more water in the waves, but also a place to store a bladder or dry bag, and the V10S just feels more open and inviting versus the more traditional closed in feel of the Fit.

I will be doing at least 8 or so flatwater races next year, along with a few ocean races. The V10S would be in the Unlimited class, while the Fit would be in the Fast Touring class. Both aren't the fastest in their class with the nod to the Fit as being closer to the top, but with proper form, I hope to be able to scare some folks by the end of next season in either boat. However, talking about performance brings up the next section, and a concern with the Fit.

Boat Capacity
I am concerned about my weight in the Fit. At 205 pounds, I'm close to maxing it out, certainly more so than the V10S. While I have been told by Think that more or less weight on either end of the optimum is fine, I'm still a little concerned. Was able to catch a weed on the bow for example, while in a surfski, the curve of the bow still is slightly above water. The V10S brings visions of hitting 4'-6' New England seas and attacking them. Feel that I might have to be a bit more delicate in the Fit. With that said, the V10S with that big ol' bow does move around in the wind a lot more than the Fit, which could be annoying in flatwater racing.

The Fit will fit (harhar) easily in two indoor places. The V10S, not so much. Will have to add some rafters and hang the V10S diagonally through a shared family garage, but it is doable. The Fit also won't need bow and stern lines all that often on the car, versus all the time for the V10S. Also on those days I want to just go cruising, the day hatch has a good amount of space on the Fit, enough for a change of clothes, food and perhaps even a very light one day overnight during summer. Finally, the Fit has a reasonably priced factory overstern rudder kit for river races, versus having to epoxy/tape on a third-party more expensive system for the V10S. Making a river rudder can be done for the V10S though, and should take care of any shallow water/weed issues.

I see the Fit as being more practical and "easier" to live with and enjoy, but there's the whole issue of my weight, and in racing conditions, knowing that I will be a few minutes slower than I would be on a V10S. As for the V10S, more of a one-trick pony, but will give me a solid footing in the world of surfskis. I do want to move up to the next level of surfski in a couple of years since I certainly do have the racing bug.

I change my mind every ten minutes. Help me!


ski vs Fit
Just my opinion but if you’re going to do any ocean paddling at all then definitely go with the ski. It would be a much safer option.

Fit has sealed surfski cockpit w/drain

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The Fit has Think's EVO surfski interior, fully sealed with drain plug, so while it might be more difficult to get back in with a side surfski mount, draining it and getting going again is similar.

Hi Beanboy
I’ve never paddled or seen the Fit. I own the Evo and V10 Sport. What did you like about the fit more so than the Evo?

I would be interested in your thoughts. I love my Evo.

Good luck with the decision


didn’t fit in Evo
I didn’t fit into the Evo. It wasn’t the seat itself, but the area just where the seat ends. Part of leg between the muscles on the upper outside of the thigh, was bruised after a couple hours of paddling. Looking at a photo or the boat, you can see where the sides come in just a tiny bit where the seat ends, that’s the spot.

anybody else?
I can’t find anybody who has a Think Fit, hehe. There’s a ourdoor magazine in Canada that did a review of it in their May 2008 issue, but no online access. Trying to search for an electronic copy now.

Fit vs V10S
Buy the boat that most fits your needs. The Fit is a very nice concept for flatwater paddling. The design could be the answer to alot of people wanting a racy boat for flatwater with the possibility of deep water re-entry.

The V10 Sport is an ocean boat. The addition of an overstern rudder would make it suitable for flatwater river racing also provide there weren’t alot of rocks or obstacles (pretty much the same with the Fit also).

You said you’re interested in racing in open water ocean races.

Since you’ve paddled them both and have narrowed it down these two I suggest you take both boats out again and practice dumping and re-entering each boat in deep water. Try it in flat water first then in rougher water. Just being able to get back in in flat water isn’t enough. On the open water it becomes a safety issue. If the Fit is easy to re-enter in rough and deep water then maybe it’s the boat for you. If not, then you’ve narrowed it down even more to the V10S.