Think I found my boat

Ther eis a Kayak outfitter in Old Forge, NY about 40 miles from me and they claim to let you test paddle a few of the Kayaks you like before you buy. They do this every day with no reservations(weather permitting)

and help you chose the right Kayak. They said fit is VERY IMPORTANT and they will help with that. Sounds awesome and it I would feel a lot better laying down 1,000 bucks knowing a pro says it’s the right Kayak. They also say what to look for when you are out paddling…seems like a very professional and dedicated place, so I’m going there in a few days just to browse and get to know people there, ask a few questions.

They have this kayak on their website that they carry in the store called ‘Hurricane Designs Excursion 140’ It’s a day craft like a transition from Rec kayaking to serious touring and day tripping stuff. It says it slices fastly through water on rails and is a lightweight, ‘Trylon’ plastic that is lighter than roto… I’m in love with that kayak and will be looking for it there.

Mountainman is the same as any
other reputable paddleshop… Trying before buying is the norm when there is water near the shop…

Nothing special…

You did better then me
I found a solo canoe that I am lusting for on Craigs List, and the guy won’t respond back to me

Jack L

Junk Mail
Most times, I am successful using craiglist. Often though, I don’t get a reply. My guess is that my emails (through craiglist) are ending up in a junk mail folder. I know I’ve placed ads on craiglist in the past, and sometimes, a persons reply is recognized as junk. Very frustrating.

By all means …

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go and test paddle a few boats as soon as the ice is out, but before you plunk down $1,000 plus I would recommend waiting until their Paddlefest weekend in May where they will likely have 50-75+ different boats on the beach you can test paddle. The more boats you paddle the more confused you will get, but you will also get a good idea of how boats fit you and feel out on the water. Take a small notebook and write down the manufacturer and name of every model you paddle and a few comments about fit and how it felt. This is really important because you won't remember much about the various models. You can then research them later on.

Also when you go to test paddle ask to try a variety of paddles. Paddles can make a huge difference in how you feel about the sport, especially over the longer distances you paddle. There is a tremendous difference in feel from sub $100 paddles to $150 paddles to $400 paddles. This is what you will be holding in your hands all day, so consider spending so extra bucks to get a good quality paddle. You don't have to jump right to the high end paddles, and I would not recommend that as your style and ability may change over time, but don't go the cheapo route either. The same applies to life jackets.

Better to think aloud than not at all.

Your first boat…
…is never the right boat:) Try finding a used one for sale first so when you out grow it, you can flip it and not take a financial hit.

My first boat was the wrong boat for me. My second boat looks a lot like my first one but the difference is staggering.

^great advice^
First boat is like your first girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s based on your judgement at the time, which will become more informed once you have lived your decision!