Thinkin About a KAYAK

Well I have been looking at the price of canoes since me and a friend did are little rapids race and have come to the conclusion that maybe a single kayak may be the way to go. One we can both invest and have our own thing with no worry of the others interest as well as it seems to be cheaper. MY QUESTION IS what is a GOOD, CHEAP, kayak that can be used in whitewater, and if it is more expensive can it last for awhile and still serve the purpose without being grown out of.

the cheapest boat you’ll find is a used boat, and w/w used boats are scarce. scour craigslist every day and you may stumble upon one (it may be 300 miles away though). otherwise expect to pay upwards of $700+ for a new w/w boat, depending on model. I know a Liquid Logic XP10 goes for around $900 new.

used ww kayaks scarce?
I don’t think so.

Plenty of Used WW Boats

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OPer didn't respond to my guess re their profile that they are from the Capital District, around Albany in NY state. BUT I think he is within reach of that area.

There are a pile of nice river runners available for sale right now on the Northeast Paddlers Message Board, within a decent driving distance of upstate NY. Maybe not always the fastest of WW boats, but plenty fast for someone new to this sport who needs to get some seat time. This board was a great source of good inexpensive boats for us when we got some WW work a couple of seasons ago, and it looks like it is still solid.

I don't think we paid more than $275 one time for most of this, just kept selling and buying with the same dollars while we figured things out and ended up with 4 boats. One boat that is still great for slow creek crawls and pool sessions, the Piedra, was less than $100. The boats that we got or sold via boards like the one above included 2 other old school boats (Animas and Pirouette), 2 Inazones, a Rocket, a Deisel and an I-3.

Yes the OPer would probably need to know which he wanted, but I am already in the camp saying get some instruction.

Here's the link - take a look. If you click Forums, you will see a link for Wanted/Sale Boats or something similar. The most complicated it gets is you may have to register, but I don't think you'll have to.

… around these parts for used w/w boats is scarce…I frequently scour craigslist for the entire northeast US ( NY/PA/MA/Vt/RI/Conn/NH/etc.) for boats, and w/w used boats are scarce. I also scan the local swap sheet and newspapers. I too would like to try w/w and I am looking for a used w/w boat,specifically a XP10. I’m 57 and am interested in doing up to a class 3 (maybe). I would hate to pay $900+ for a new boat then find out w/w is beyond my old bones ability to do. I got into kayaking late in life. Any used boats for sale in club newsletters doesn’t do anyone any good if the don’t belong to the club and get the newsletter. So, if anyone knows where there’s a used XP10 in the NYS area …give me a shout plz…TY

beau you don’t have email enabled so pardon the thread deviation:

Liquid Logic launched the EXP 10 in 2009, so good luck getting a used one.

From what you’re saying, I’d say go for an old school river runner (vs. today’s dedicated playboat) from the mid to late 90s. Search archives here and go to to find out models/features for your weight/height. Most of them will take on Class III.

They won’t have skegs but have more length, and a displacement hull (vs. the playboats’ planing hull) so they will paddle decently without one if paddled w. good technique. They are still in use by some slalom racers. Old school names like Perception Pirouette and Inazone are still much sought after.

I’ve had a Pirouette SuperSport S and now have a Dagger Blast. Both were from the late 90s, found in great shape in MI (not exactly the motherlode of WW boats) and both went for under $300.

Used Torrent
$300 to $500

Great for beginners to get used to whitewater without all the riggamarow…


You aren’t looking in the right places

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Check out the message board I mentioned above. Come to major WW events if you want to see them in person. Picking up WW boats is like picking up candy. If I have the boat right, your problem is that you are looking for a cross-over rather than a full-out WW boat.

You mean the Remix XP10, the crossover boat, yes? From one 50 plus yr old long boater to another, I'd suggest going for a full-out WW boat that has proven its value as a schooling boat. This will support your actually doing some WW type moves out there with more precision and frankly less effort than hauling around something like a cross-over. I am thinking of the Inazone, either an older original one or the new re-relaeased version of the same or the Jackson Fun. These are great boats to learn and gain confidence in WW and will serve you well thru class III - there is a reason that each has dominated schooling fleets.

I am saying this in your case because, based on your posts, you are someone who has taken the time to skills and get some performance out of a sea kayak. I assume you've had your long boat out in some kind of slop since you are within reach of the Great Lakes. So why would you want to lose the advantage of having a boat tuned for the environment in WW?

Don't worry about the age - the first time my husband and I ever went down a river in our WW boats was a course taken when we were solidly over 50 yrs old. You don't need a barge for doing WW just because you aren't 25 any more.

These boats are readily available used in the NE, as long as you are willing to drive a bit. There are a couple of Fun's on the board I mentioned above right now.

a few more

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More ideas re cross-overs
Had a thought later - if it’s a cross-over you want, there are some made by other manufacturers that should be around used now. They have been out a good bit longer than the Liquid Logic one. Dagger has the Approach and maybe the Zydeco is one - I forget. And so on.