Thinking of buying a used Pungo 140 bgnr

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Hi all!
So, I'm new to this. I've paddled about 3 times before on vacation, and recently rented some boats for the day and had a blast. btw, bgnr meants beginner, as in, I'm a beginner.

It has me ready to buy a couple Kayaks.

I found online a pungo 140. Pics look great, says its been used a few times. Thinks its about a 2008/9 model. With paddle, and is at $450.

One of my rentals was a pungo 140. I'm 6'3 245, and I LOVED that boat. It was awesome!

Is this a good deal?

I'm also pondering going with a couple new vapor 10s from Old town, and thought I might catch a year end sale for 300, or the xt for 350 but not sure if thats realistic.

Me and my wife want to stay on flat water, lake/river, etc.


Good deal

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The Pungo is a very popular rec kayak and great for what it was meant for, mellow rivers and lakes.

Good price if you just want to stick to the mellow stuff and at your size you will find that finding a kayak you fit in can be a challenge. Big guys always fit in a Pungo.

I would get the Pungo over the other ones you mention. If you get into kayaking you could outgrow it if you want to do more challenging water but I know plenty of people who are just happy to cruise the easy stuff and never do anything more.

It is a great boat

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I bought a Pungo 140 the first year they came out and still paddle it.

If it is one of the older Pungo 140s that does not have a front bulkhead I would recommend installing one or putting some float bags up front. They started putting front bulkheads in them around 2009 do it may have one, but that little chunk of foam they put in the bow of the older ones is not enough to keep the bow from sinking if the boat ever gets swamped.

Not bad at all
I have a friend who, years ago, wanted to get into kayaking. I suggested a Pungo 140 for her because a)she is a big person, b) likes camping and doesn’t “travel light”, and c) had no experience in or desire for whitewater or large open water paddling. Its a lot like a decked canoe, basically - but you don’t have to learn single blade technique. It worked out great for her and, when she got married, she got a Pungo 140 for her new hubby. They get by just fine.

Her original didn’t have a front bulkhead but the one she got for her husband has one. The bulkhead is a good thing. If the Pungo you’re looking at doesn’t have one perhaps it would be worth looking into getting one later as an add-on. I’m pretty sure Wilderness Systems would have a bulkhead kit that could be installed on an older model. Its a safety feature IMHO. A swamped Pungo without a front bulkhead (like most rec kayaks) floats stern-up like a fishing bobber. There’s not much a person can do to self rescue in such a thing. Get float bags for the front at the very least.

But its a decent boat at a decent price, especially if weight-carrying capacity is important . If you outgrow the Pungo and later decide you want to get into some more specialized kind of paddling, there’s a good chance you could sell it for very near the price you paid.

I purchased one new a few years ago…works great for what I wanted…lakes, larger slower rivers…very stable, lots of room, can fish out of it…nearly impossible to flip…lots of storage for camping…

Price sounds very reasonable to me.

Decisions decisions
Well well. What to do what to do.

The issue is that the boat is over two hours away. In fact over 5 hours round trip to go and get it. The pics look to be in good shape. It’s just so far. However I do not see hardly any pungos for sale.

I really liked the rental pungo 140 I had so I think it is all the boat I will need.

What to do. Also thought I might see more for sale as the summer comes to a close.


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a new one from REI and they have free shipping to their stores:

Or this Riot Edge at 13' looks good at $674.:

Forgot to add that you can get a additional 15% off as a new REI member!

450 not a bad price for a good 140
Friends paid about 600 a bit back, they really like them, and they are hard to find used. The REI deal is for a 120 not 140 and the larger boat may be better for your size. Safe paddling. R

thanks for catching the size difference Rick! That said, many REI’s carry the 140 and it’s worth checking out as they ship to store for free if REI is a option. Also noticed that they are offering 20% off any one item.

REI 20% Off
Usually the 20% off REI deals do not apply to kayaks. Also coupon and sale prices are not credited to your membership for the yearly dividend.

  • Offer not valid on bicycles, hard-top boats, paddleboards or surfboards.

    As the season comes to an end REI and EMS start blowing out kayaks, if you are shopping there those are the sales to wait for.

    Still the price for the used Pungo 140 is worth checking out…

So, I did not get the pungo. He sold it to a neighbor for 500. It was prob worth 500, and I could have gotten it for 450. But, it was 140 miles away from me, so just couldn’t bring myself to drive that far.

I’m now seeing a Pamlico 100 for sale just in town here. Looks pretty newish. Asking 350 for it. Comes with an Astral PFD, and a full skirt. No paddle.

Not sure if thats a good deal or not. I THINK that boat goes for about 600 new, but I cant find any new ones for sale to compare.

It would be for my wife who is 5’10, slim, and we’d just be paddling around the local lake, and maybe down a flat smooth river.

Is that a good deal? or should I offer lower?

I also called REI, which nearest is in charlotte. They say they never close out boats at season end, becasue they sell on into the winter.

A local shop has a brand new yellow Pungo 140, said he’d sell it for 775. However, I didn’t wanna jump into it at the tune of 800 plus vest and paddle to start with.

REI boat sales
REI has one or two sales a year, where selected boats are 15% off. Around Memorial Day (or July 4th?) was one. If there’s another, it would be Labor Day.

one looks pretty interesting from REI Outlet at $675.:

Pamlico Discontinued

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The Pamlico was recently discontinued so you might not find many new out there. It is a step down from Pungo as far a rec kayaks are concerned.

A new 120 sold for $650 and the 100 for $540.

For a cockpit that large a skirt is pretty useless except to stop water drips, keep the sun off your legs, or to keep warm. If you do buy it don't view the skirt as adding any value.

If you keep to the mellow stuff you really don't need a skirt. Even on easy moving water you can just pump and sponge out the water.

a steal…if I can get it.
I don’t want to overpay for a marginally useful boat.

Basically, its a tad shorter than I would prefer, if she’s willing to let it go at a steal, I’ll grab it, but I’m not rushing to overpay for a boat a couple feet shorter than I’d like.

I’m thinking more like 250 would be a great price, and 350 is a little high.

They are probably adding the cost of the kayak, PFD and skirt and asking about half.

You are saving some $$ but are you
or her really going to enjoy the paddling experience of the lesser boat? Especially since you apparently really loved the Pungo when you tried it. If a boat is going super cheap, or been discontinued, its probably in low demand - for a reason. If you are going to lilly dip on a local pond no big deal, but if you want some “adventures” it could make a difference. Just thoughts. R

Save your money
If you are at all serious about paddling, do not settle for anything less than about 13 and a half feet for either you, or your wife. I almost guarantee you that you will not be satisfied with shorter boats and in the end you will be money ahead for spending the extra, or waiting until you find the right deal on longer boats. The same is true when it comes to picking gear. Don’t try to go cheap on paddles and pfd’s.