Thinking of selling my 1991 Old Town Camper canoe

Hello everyone! I’m thinking of selling my 1991 Old Town Camper canoe and don’t have a clue as to how much I should ask for it. It’s in great condition. A few scratches on the bottom but that’s it. We used it when my daughter was young but now that she is off to college, we are looking into downsizing. Would anyone have any thoughts on what a reasonable price would be? I don’t want to give the thing away but at the same time…I want to be realistic. Thanks in advance.

Location matters. I would poke around on CL, FB marketplace, etc, to see what stuff is listing for.

Depending on your local market, you could get 200, 500,700,maybe more

I would start high and take the best offer. I have seen royalex boats in pathetic shape going for upwards of $500. I would start at $700.

Thank you! This is a good place to start. I’m in Maine and over the past month have been looking on CL, FB, and Uncle Henry’s but I have not seen any Royalex canoes (at least not a good brand or shape). So I didn’t even know where to start!