Thinning Elmers wood epoxy?

I’ve used Elmers wood epoxy with excellent results. But now I’m pulling it out again after a few years and it’s a little stiff. Does anyone know if I could thin it with acetone or something?

I already bought some new stuff, but it’s pretty pricey. So I’d like to return it if I can liven up the old stuff a little.

I’m not familiar with Elmers but other epoxys that get old have responded well to putting the containers in hot water and letting it warm up

Thanks, I’ll run some water right now
So I shouldn’t be concerned about it’s performance if it’s a bit old then? We’re not talking 10 years here. Maybe 4 or 5 though.

Throw it out!
It contains Bisphenol A!

You could die just thinking about it.

But seriously, it probably has a shelf life. It’s probably less than 5 years.

How important is what you are gluing, and how big a PITA would it be to take it apart and redo if the old goo don’t do?

It’s no big deal to do it over again
… if I need to.

The work is already done. The warming did thin it, thanks. If it fails, it’s no big deal, I guess. I just like doing it right the first time. I suspect it will be fine.

Thanks for the input guys!

“I’m pulling it out again …
after a few years and it’s a little stiff…”

Well, use either warm water or a cold shower depending on what your preferred result might be.


… Ohkay Jim …
but it’s pretty wrinkled

All epoxies contain hazardous

Are you guys going on about…
…“gray things” again?