third camera stolen- need help

So obviously I want to spend as little as possible as I’ve been through 3 camera in a year and a half. Does anyone have suggestions for an inexpensive waterproof camera.

Ideally I like to have very little lag and I’d like to have a time I can set so it takes a picture every 60 seconds for the whole day of paddling.

Any advice would be wonderful.

sorry, I don’t know of one with the automatic, periodic shutter, but I think it would be easiest to get whatever you’ve liked before, but just not have it stolen. In my case I always keep my camera in a PFD pocket with a lanyard connected to the PFD so I don’t drop it when I take it out for a photo. If I left all my gear including PFD unprotected then I could lose the camera and much much more. If at camp I may lock my boat if far from camp and bring all gear to camp.

What I had before was not waterproof
So I’d like to find a water proof camera that does not cost a lot and will not break the first day out.

A lot is relative, how much you looking to spend.

I vouch
for the Olympus Stylus Tough 8010. Seems to be able to take the bumps of residing in my PFD, with periodic submersion.

I have a Hero Go Pro
I think mine is the first generation of their cameras, with their latest model having a bit better resolution and a few more bells & whistles. It’s pretty cheap for a waterproof digital camera, has okay resolution, and now comes with several adaptors for attaching it to whatever kind of gear you’re using. Mine just came with a wrist strap, and when paddling, it really isn’t very intrusive at all. A simple clip releases just the top edge of the camera, so you can take a picture while still wearing the camera, and if you get bumped, hammered by a wave, etc., mid-image capture, the camera will still be attached to you at its lower edge - comes in handy! Mine has an old-fashioned view finder, rather than a digital image.

Hope this helps with your camera search - good luck! wd

More info
I’m hoping to get something for less than $200 since I’ve lost 3 cameras and 2 gps in the past year. Last time I did not even bother with the police.

Why so many thefts?
Do you tend to forget to lock car doors or leave gear lying around unattended? Maybe some changes in how you do things would be a good idea.

SeaLife Eco Shot
Sea Life EcoShot has a “Spy” mode which takes shots at intervals you set.

Olympus 850 SW.
Keep it in your pocket.

Olympus X-560WP
This is what we use and it has done well. It has been dunked in “fresh water” many times without damage. Doesn’t cost much either.

don’t buy another
until you address why they get stolen.

Then I’d shop ebay for a gopro 5 mp. Selling for $150 and under.

how about this Kodak Camcorder
Kodak PlaySport (Zx3) HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera

A friend has it and likes it. It’s small enough so it can always ride in my pocket or PFD and not be left out in its pelican case while I’m loading or unloading. And I think you can grab decent pictures from any video.

whatever you get
loctite it to your hand or something.

Fuji XP
Saw one tonight at Costco (in Newfoundland) for $169.99 - whether it’ll do times shots, I just don’t know…

Fugi WP

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The Z33WP 12mp is about $180 @ Best Buy

You can get the slightly older 10mp version on Ebay for around $130 w/ shipping. I bought this model about 18months ago and it does fine.I have had it under water numeous times without a hitch.

I also have a Pentax Optio W80 that I like as well,but it runs over $200


Get what you got before, and just
avoid getting it stolen. Unless you go so cheap it takes crappy pictures, it’s still going to hurt getting your replacement stolen. Where/how is it getting stolen? In your car? Don’t leave it in your car, or if you absolutely have to, do this:

Buy a pelican case, 2 padlocks, and a length of coated cable, like the kind used to lock up bikes.

Run the cable through the upper and lower holes for padlocks on one side of the case, then cinch loops on the end of the cable. put your camera in the case, close it, lock a padlock on the other side of the case, then wrap the cable ends around something stationary in your car. The middle seat of my truck has tiedown spots, say for a child’s car seat. Then padlock the ends of the cable together. Putting the box in as inconspicuous a spot as you can find that has a secure object to wrap the cables around is a good idea, too. If you can find something to wrap the cable around in your trunk, that’s even better.

Ordered the Kodak Thanks all
The nice thing about it is it is small and waterproof so it can go in my pfd pocket.

That eliminates the sitting on the dash or at the campsite while I load and unload all the gear. And it will not get left in the car where it could be stolen. It will be in my pocket at work and in my life vest on the water. I also will not be losing a pelican case every now an then too.

Based on my friends experience It will take great videos and good pictures.

Thanks for all the replies.

I sell the Go Pro
I have a powersports shop and we sell the go pro. I just bought the newest one to mess around with… It’s like $250 or so and is HD… It is SLICK! I haven’t mounted it to anything just yet, but the promo vids look great.