Thirsty Mate Bilge Pump Float

OK, I got my Thirsty Mate kayak bilge pump and the separate float. Now I need advice on how to get the floaty “donut” on the pump. Considering the instructions on the bilge pump refer to removing the bottom thingie to clean the pump, I should be able to remove it to install the float, but so far all I’m succeeding in doing is spinning it around and around. Sorry if I’m not very articulate; I was out practicing bow rescues tonight and my head is probably still a little sloshy.

snap on
The bottom filter thingy snaps on and off. I’ve found that the best way to get it off is to find an inside corner somewhere, and slide the pump down onto that corner sharply, so the two edges of the corner hit the filter thingy and dislodge it.

(that doesn’t make much sense when I type it out, does it?)

immovable object
meets unstoppable force

try some soap…
I haven’t had to replace the float, but my approach would be to take off the bottom piece, coat the pump shaft with some dishwashing soap and a tiny bit of water, and then force/twist that sucker on…

Greg Stamer

Like he said…soap and water.

Check out all the kayak pumps
Kayak pumps come in a large variety of styles

Thanks - It Worked
Just thought I’d report in to say I got the bottom off by putting it on the edge of the kitchen table (couldn’t find anyplace with a 90 degree angle) and smack it on a couple of different sides. Once that was off, I was able to wiggle the float on without soap or any other substance. Getting the bottom BACK on one a little tricky, but that worked, too. So, once again, thanks for the advice.