Thirteenth Lake (ADKs) - Mid May

Need to get away! Considering short trip (13th Lake less than 1 hour from home) May 12-14 (yes, including Friday the 13th)for fishing and easy camp sans kids. Realize there is development on the lake (that inn and beach) but really really need to get away, so I have two questions: (1) black flies usually out prior to Memorial Day? (I know, I know, but maybe they aren’t so bad mid-May???) and (2) I know of 3-ish canoe-accessible sites on the trail (to Peaked Mountain Pond) side of the Lake - any other suggestions for sites around the lake?

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Leave no trace.

One issue with 13th lake as blackflies approach. It is so narrow and protected my mountains, that there is usually limited breeze, to keep away the bugs. It is also very popular with trout fishermen in spring, such that sites might be full.

You Might
Consider Long Lake from the village to the end of the lake there are 9 leantos and it would not be as crowded as 13th lake