This dude is canoeing from NYC to Mexico

just saw this on Youtube, looks like an interesting trip.

Thats cool
I met Mike Ranta on Lake Superior.Together with Spitzi he is paddling across Canada in support of veterans.

He is a real humble dude doing what seems impossible.

He started at Vancouver and is going to Cape Breton Nova Scotia

You can follow here

He does 16 hour days.Incredible. I had a wonderful time visiting for ten minutes with him


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there are quite a few cross continent expeditions taking place this summer Including Mike Ranta again paddling from Pacific to Atlantic.
Source of Confidence Expedition too.... first all woman canoe descent of North America's longest River system...source to sea.
Avoiding Barges dot com Kris Laurie expedtion.....Source to Sea 3800 Miles solo in canoe. Google/Facebook both of them.
Paddle on!

best done W-E

The Aromatic Hydrocarbon Tour past Texas should be a gas.

Sandy Robson
Sandy Robson is in the fifth year of her retracing of Oscar Specks paddle from Germany to Australia. She is currently in New Guinea.

a runner’s sheet popped
up…NYT… 700 club, runners across the US.

a wiki ?

an interactive compendium of who went where would be interesting…mostly dependent on ‘trade wind’ routings.

I asked abt kayaks to Dry Tortugas, local noise said maybe 40-45.

wow, so that’s what people do now

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when they want to take an extended outdoor adventure- they just post it up online and ask others to fund them??? Kind of like paying for cable tv access and they provide the entertainment.

lots of ways to fund adventures in the past:
many would work awhile-save up with a spartan lifestyle-do a trip and repeat the cycle
write guidebooks, test gear, get sponsorship from an organization to bring awareness to their cause (water quality, waterway protection, national trail status) sometimes the interested parties or organizations would help defray part of the cost through sponsorship

I have to admit the guy in the video could be pretty entertaining- "I'm clueless, I'll fish for food, and I don't know how to paddle" so fund me! Maybe I'll cancel the cable tv and fund the dude- more entertaining than watching Survivor.

so DREAM BIG! follow your dreams, and find someone to pay for it. On second thought, I already got that- its called "children", I'm pretty sure I helped fund my son's trip down the grand canyon this summer!

He is being sponsored
by Golden Hawk Canoes.

Do s little more research please
Mike is doing it to raise funds for Canadian veterans in need

Sometimes there is a good cause behind the effort

whut ?

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why am I donating money to a nutty canoer for the benefit of Canadian Vets In Need ?

I see this frequently. Why am I giving money to a jogger jogging across America for Coccidiosis Victims In AZ ?

The idea is advertising thru jogging ?

who tracks the honesty of these endeavors ? DEA or IRS ?

crowds rush down to the landing n throw money into the hull or ?

Biz mgr

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He/They need a busineas or TOUR MANAGER
arranging $ocial events after landings at the local synagogue or ? where the uh beggar...well I doahno watch wanna call I'm ? Will spout nonsense for 45 minutewhile scanning the audience for
MB''s free meal n HOT SHOWER.

WAIT ! a touring brass ensemble for landings...that would be cool, no ?

Graphics on the bus...

Episcopal ! outstanding architecture ...

A 'cash throw' is AAA video ... principal stands at landing speiling n a Mainstream crowd rushes down en mass n buries him in paper....

there was nothing in the link
about helping vets, so nothing made me want to learn more about his adventure-

he stated he wanted contributions to help filming and would give tshirts and shoutouts given away with contributions

as far as vets go- a good cause- have given a donation to this one-

from my neck of the woods

Ought to be entertaining
Good thing he’s young and resiliant. Came off as a little annoying in the first video, but the second wasn’t so much so. Definitely getting into more than he realizes, but I suspect that is okay with him.

Too bad he couldn’t find a more suitable sponsor for the canoe…

I am following Larry Jensen
on FB…he is going from Canada to Key West I believe…his story telling is well-written and done daily.