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Movie called the Cockleshell Heroes, WW2 war movie, brits. They just launched four canoes from a sub for a covert mission. The canoes were camouflage fabric two person kayaks, two separate cockpits with a high coaming pointed at the frony, paddled with wooden kayak padfles. In case anyone thinks the canoe thing is new.

British SBS

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Special Boat Service. Dudes are bad-ass. Equivalent to our Navy SEALS. I'll have to check that movie out, thanks.

Hoped it would be available
on Amazon Prime. No such luck. Rarely watch movies, but think I’d like this one.

streaming soon
On October 28th you’ll be able to stream the film on YouTube:

You, willowleaf, are a paddling encyclopedia of neat information.

Bookmarked and calendared.

Also on TCM
Turner Classic Movies, which just started or will in days start its own streaming service. I saw an ad for it in a movie last night. That is where I saw these scenes, just had the TV on for a bit between coming in to grab a nosh and head out for the afternoon.

Originally a book
by C.E. Lucas-Phillips and several editions, memoirs, etc. are available on Amazon. Now that there’s a movie, the books will probably sell out.

Movie is not new
Black and white on TCM

thank you

anyone who thinks canoes and warfare are
a new combination is ignorant of Klepper. And WW II.

because I’m a folder fanatic
Thanks, Rookie. Because I’ve been into folding kayaks since I started in the sport my familiarity with the history of them is one of my quirks.

It’s ironic that so few people are aware of folding boats since they really were the first popular kayaks in the Western mainstream, long before hardshell boats came onto the scene (and, of course, folders reproduce the structure of traditional “skin on frame” aboriginal boats that have been used for thousands of years in Arctic and Sub-arctic regions around the world).

This older news article in the Denver Post encapsulates the century-plus history of folders nicely:

Klepper in Germany is the oldest extant maker – it’s believed that the German military even had folding boats of one kind or another during the first world war but i know of no reports of them being used in marine operations to any extent.

I more meant calling kayaks canoes
Something that rings oddly to many people in the US, where we got our idea of canoes from native peoples.

Museum exhibit
I live in Cornwall, UK, and my local National Maritime museum has a Mk 7 version of the Cockleshell kayak:

Double ended canoes/kayaks propelled by double-ended paddles became very popular for leisure use here in the UK 150 years ago, inspired by the 1866 publication of John MacGregor’s “One thousand miles in the Rob Roy canoe”.

There is an original Rob Roy canoe hanging in the roof space of a boathouse one mile from my home.


ah my bad
I’m sure you’re aware of Klepper’s history but I’m not sure most people know they were and still are used by the military.