This is pretty hardcore. Apparently too hardcore

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actually the main payette below banks isn’t all that hardcore, I think of it as a busy class III stream at mid to late summer levels. Gets even more mellow as you head downstream below beehive bend and montour. There’s plenty of extreme ww in that area but he wasn’t on it. I think falling would be a bigger deal off of a paddle board and hitting a rock with your head could be a possibility but overall I agree with the headline of “unexpected”. Let this article be a reminder that there is some inherent risk to all ww. Sometimes you do everything right and stuff still happens.


His PFD and helmet surfaced without his body?

No, just his helmet. Here is a public Facebook post that was shared on Reddit. It’s very sad. One of my friends lost her partner similarly, and the days it took to recover him were hell.

thanks for sharing the facebook link

thanks for the awesome information.

How can this information be construed as “awesome”? It is really sad.