this is so addtivie

man kayaking is blast im still earning how to paddle but always have fun…today was crazy because the holiday and all the traffic of .but what fun

no kidding huh,
I bought my fist yak a month ago. then upgraded two weeks ago. I have paddled every day since, some days twice a day. Tomorrow my brother and I are gonna do our first 16 mile trip. Could be addicted to something worse for sure.

yeah its hard to stay out of the kayak
now hen i lay down i still feel the rock of the kayak

That is one of the blessings of…

Stay home on the weekends when everyone else is on the water, and go paddling during the week when every one is at their work stations.

Jack L

Was your title a freudian slip
Perhaps your so excited your already thinking of adding to your kayak collection!

But you are right it is both addictive and additive. Soon you’ll want other boats to expand your horizons.

Welcome to the group.


yup, addictive is right
I may be ready for “Kayakers Anonymous” – ran out to my local outfitters last weekend just to pick up an extra pair of tether lines for the roof rack and drove away with my 7th kayak (a lovely lime green Venture Easky LV – it was on sale for 30% and I didn’t have one like it. How could I resist?). I’ve sold 3 boats so the fleet is down to four (and I don’t even have a garage – they are in the walk-out basement!)

I know there are folks on here who would scoff at my paltry collection but my friends consider me seriously obsessed. “You bought ANOTHER kayak? Why??” Because it was there…

sometimes ya get what ya need
well i wanted a pool noodle to stuff in the front of yak count find em at walmart or other stores . well i went on kayaking that day and on the shore sure enough there was one of em all beat up but still floated enough to hold me up in water …also found a huge styofoam float for docks to float the dock but it seemed very heavy like it sucked up water

Great, Advice? Question? Suggestion?

I would say the poster is giving advice
especially to some newbie who is thinking about getting into kayaking.

If you don’t like his post, don’t read it.

I for one enjoy hearing how excited a newbie is aboout paddling, and hope he keeps posting here.

jack L

long trip tonight
very tired i have to learn to recall i have to still go back from where i started lol last hour or so was in the dark and a course i kept imaging something was crawling in my yak.a few weeks ago a crazy beaver put a fisher men in the hospital