This is The Sea 2

Anybody else have trouble playing the DVD ? Played it on my Sony combo ( about 2 or 3 years old) the music is distorted and the frames jump around. Put in any other DVD and it plays fine. Returned the DVD for a new one and had the same result. Is there some new encryption that requires a newer DVD player?


I have two Toshiba DVD players. My TITS2 plays in the older one and on my computer, but it won’t play right on my newer Toshiba. The newer one is a couple of years old.

I put it in and it plays for a second and then stops. It will not start up again. It’s stuck like on freeze frame. It will fast forward, but that’s all.

Also having some problems
with the dvd. During the first few minutes it jumps, freezes, goes dark, etc. We’re playing it on a Panasonic.

Hopefully it isn’t a widespread problem, but I’ve had my mine for awhile now and it plays perfectly on an older/cheap model JVC.


My copy works fine on older player

Mine works fine…
…in my computer and Philips DVD player. Ditto for TITS1.

Thanks to all… The first TITS and any other of our dvds play fine. Just didnt want to take TITS 2 back to the store again if my DVD player is the problem. I don`t think so.

TIT2 Problems
I informed Justine that my copy of TITS2 won’t play on my DVD player – but it does play on my computer. Justine responded that the manufacturer believes that they are at fault for a defect in a small percentage of the DVDs that won’t allow them to work properly on some new or high-end DVD players. She said that she will replace my defective copy.

Greg Stamer

3rd time for sure !
Thanks for the info Greg. Now have to decide whether to go back to the store (again) or just send it to Crackle. It`s torture trying to watch it as it is. Love the first one.



I’d send an email to If you’ve gotten two already, it seems like a good shot that the store may have a ‘bad’ batch. If nothing else I’m sure she would like to know the name of the shop you purchased it at so it can be taken care of.

Best of luck!

Returning Problem DVD
Did any of you that had a bad copy order directly from Justine? I did and I have emailed her about returning it. She may be unavailable for a while or something. I have been trying to find out where to mail it for an exchange. Does anyone know?

The calvary is coming
I emailed a few days ago and recieved a nice reply saying that there was indeed a problem with the manufacturer and that Justine should have a new batch in a week or so to send out. Apparantly the DVDs that we purchased will play on most but not all dvd players and most computers. Looking forward to receiving my new copy.

My copy works perfectly
Mine works fine and has been played multiple times.

DVD Problem
I had a problem with other DVD’s doing the same thing.

I had my DVD player hooked up through my vcr which caused the problem.

Hooked it up directly to TV and worked OK.

I was told that some DVD’s are copy write protected and will cause this problem.

I don’t know if this is so but it did work.

Got new copy
I received a new copy to replace the one I was having trouble with. Got it yesterday. They were very kind to send me a new one, but unfortunately, this copy has the same problem. Did anyone get a replacement copy that corrected the original problems you were having?