This is the Sea - DVD

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A few weeks back some of you were asking where you could get the "This is the Sea" DVD. I told you we would be getting it in soon. Well, I've just added it to the site if you're interested.


Bought it for my wife a month ago.
Great DVD. Not exactly an instructional video, but more of a series of “from the cockpit” documentaries and testimonials…very inspiring and highly recommended!


Just got mine in the mail today…
Can’t wait to get home with it.

just watched it last week…

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If you have a NDK, you will really enjoy the video!!!


A few weeks ago …

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Yup, that was me that was inquiring about the DVD. I also signed up for the Paddling Perks recently so I will be able to enjoy a 10% discount on my purchases from as well.

Thanks, Brent!


I don’t have an NDK
and I still enjoyed the video!

I really liked the Tidal Race sections of the film. Justine Curgenven has said she may do a video just on British Tidal Races. I think that would be a great video too.

I also liked the Leon and Shawna section it seemed to be a very cool area.

Justine,Trys Morris and
another girl are paddling around Tasmania as we speak.You can get updates from Justines website.

The footage from this trip will be the basis for her next film,I really enjoyed the sound track from " This is the Sea".