This is the Sea TWO


Is it available yet???

November 14th approx. release

You can pre-order at cackle now if you like.

Pre-Order From
You can now pre-order This is the Sea Two from Better yet you’ll also get free shipping if you pre-order! There’s also free shipping on the combo pack which includes the original This is the Sea and the new one!

Just go to:

Of course, Paddling Perks members also save 10% off this and everything else in the store.

Let me know if you have any questions!


What about us Canucks?
Cackletv’s website only has two options, “In the United States please use US store. - Rest of the world please use UK store”

The UK store has no Canadian info.

Brent can the folks at ship to Canada?

Canada Too! ships to the US and Canada.


Brent i had asked you that last week when you emailed me about it…



New Date
Looks like we’re going to get them a few days later than planned, and with the Thanksgiving holiday in there it will likely push our ship date back one week to the 28th. Thanks for your patience.

Free shipping still available if you pre-order!



Expand The Selection?
Brent, how about more DVDs on white water and surfing. Just a thought.


Ordered mine from today
I hope Justine produces one every Fall, great way to get through winter!