This is the Sea

I wanted to put in a plug for a new video that has come out called “This is the Sea” (I am not a distributor of any kind). I just ordered my copy last week - after much effort due to limited distribution in the US - and received it last night. What an AWESOME video. It’s not an instructional video per se, but watching the adventure/extreme end of the sport provides much learning. Very enjoyable and you’ll find many of the big names in sea kayaking. Once again I am humbled and find that I need much work to get my roll figured out and spend more time in the surf. For your women kayakers out there, the movie is a testimony to the diversity of our sport. My wife is new(er) to kayaking and was really inspired by the top-notch women kayakers in the movie.

Two thumbs for a fun flick! Email Kevin for a copy:


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I've had mine for a few weeks and have watched it probably 10 or so times. I found it very entertaining and inspiring and although it's not an instructional DVD i found I was able to pick up some good tips watching it especially watching Nigel Foster and his paddle blade and edging techniques. Great footage and it's fun to see alot of the top level sea-paddlers in their environment. Highly recommend it....

I ordered mine over the phone from Sea Kayak Georgia and had it in 3 days.

Here's a list from with dealers who carry the DVD

Or you can order it direct from

It is great. As Greg Knight
(of Aqua Adventures in San Diego) put it, this is a sea kayaking video made the way whitewater videos are made–to show the excitement and thrill of the sport, rather than showing people standing around in yards talking about safety equipment, which most videos seem to feature hours of.

He had them in stock, so I bought one, but I haven’t seen it at Boston kayak stores yet.


saw the video…
about a week ago and it was great!

a group of us are going to wales in a month or so to paddle the penwrn mawr where they shot some of the footage and we were really excited to see what the heck all the fuss was about. yeah, the fuss was about right!

the video has instilled us with excitement and just a skosh of trepidation and i am sure that nothing we’ve seen or done has really prepared us for it! we’ve nav’d through fog and storms, we’ve surfed what meager waves NE has to offer and played in an honest to god tidal stream down in ct but i just don’t think we’ve seen what it’s all about just yet…

this really oughta be a blast!

get it
Yep, just jumping in to say this is a fantastic DVD.

great dvd
I think it is a great DVD, but I am biased because my wife and I are in it. We were in Nigel Foster’s class when Justine filmed his class at Sea Kayak Georgia. She also made a DVD from BCU week at Sea Kayak Georgia which is really good. I got both from SKG.


biased viewing
I also enjoy the vid; after years of fun and exciting kayak porn for whitewater, it is about time a vid shows why sea kayaking is exciting, also.

As for friends in the vid, for those who have drooled over the photos on Jon Walpole’s sea kayak web site, you can finally get a glimpse of the man in Justine’s vid. Watch the Sonoma coast section- the guy paddling the blue Romany, wearing a yellow helmet,that is him. At the lunch spot, he is the one quoted as " Oh, no, that’s the best I could do" in reference to the salami/cracker combo.

And for those who haven’t checked it out, his site is-

There are more photos of the Sonoma coast from the day Justine was filming.Plus Norway, Wales, Canada,and our backyard (Oregon coast).


and Otterslide’s
the guy in the Elaho with the short sleeve paddle jac on in the gnarly rock garden. He’s the one at lunch who claims his jaws are hurting from smiling too much!

great vid!!!


where were you ?
so where were you flatpick?

the sonoma chapter is like Jonathan´s pics, only live.

great video



Jonathan was in the shot, did you see it
[snicker] he won’t like me telling this, but at the start of the movie, Jonathon is the person that crashed into Leon while they were in the tidal race in Wales. It’s literally within the first couple minutes of the video.

Now to be fair, he redeems himself later in the video with some excellent footage of he and others playing in the rock gardens.

As stated, this is an EXCELLENT DVD and Justine continues to be my hero…


I saw it 4sales at Alder Creek
don’t know about other USA paddle shops, but I did see copies of the video on sale at Alder Creek in Portland. (


Karl’s (otterslide) being modest
Karl pointed out that Jon is highlighted in the video, but he failed to mention he too is highlighted in the video.

Maybe a bit too modest, but he’s an incredible paddler {smirk}