This is the Sea

Have you all seen this video? I am not usually a big fan of paddling videos (I find the WW ones, especially are often like music videos for music I don’t like, and the instructional ones are often dull) . . . This film is amazing! That’s all I have to say about that.

"This is the Sea 2" is even better!

New Shipment
We just received a new shipment of This is the Sea II. We are now well stocked!


Sequels Rock!
I had no idea. Thanks guys. This will certainly be something I buy (just as soon as I buy my freedom from Mastercard!).

TITS 2 is the better one and I’ve watched it a least a dozen times. Amazing stuff!


TITS 2 is a great DVD but I like the
first one better.

definetly preferred the first
over the second… in my very humble opinion