This looks Dangerous ! Oh My !

I hope they understand the terrible risks they are taking.

At least they have the good sense to not iron alone.

Does anyone know the Greenland “pressing iron roll?”

Pretty Funny… But You’re Wrong…
it’s not likely “Greenland…” Based on the “rule of three,” it’s likely a BCU related practice. :slight_smile:

And, yes, of course it’s dangerous. Should be a law of somethin’… LOL!


So, whaddya want? Advice? Suggestions?
or general help finding the paddling discussion forum?

I asked if anyone knew how to roll with
an Iron. Got a problem with that?

Apparently you do.

iron-clad roll
G2D rules with with an iron-fist so don’t wrankle him or you be hung out to dry.

Don’t anger the forum police!

Sorry… LOL!
I thought you were asking whether it was “Greenland” or BCU. My bad. :slight_smile:


Actually these are my wife’ relatives …

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No BS ... distant relative sent her the link from UK.

I'm waiting for the greenland crew to post a video of
a strangely effeminate guy in a rubber tuliq rolling with an iron. They already posted the brick and bowling ball rolls as essential survival skills last week.

Who’s angry? It should bother me
personally that you guys can’t understand written instructions and get twitty when someone points it out?

On the other boards I’m on, someone who posts on the wrong board is promptly reminded, usually with humor and derision, and seldom does anyone come to the defense of wayward posting. It’s just considered a mistake.

Here, on a board with MUCH less humor and camaraderie than boatertalk, people don’t pay much attention to instructions, and don’t pay much attention to each other.

You figure.

does not rule.