This new format

Frankly, I don’t like the new format. It just feels harder to navigate. Can’t relate to it. My opinion only.

@bartc said:
Frankly, I don’t like the new format. It just feels harder to navigate. Can’t relate to it. My opinion only.


I’m starting to get used to it, but it does make you wonder why the wheel has to be reinvented from time to time.

  • I agree. I see no advantage with the new. Maybe I’m missing something.

You can attach files now.

Links do not open in a new tab anymore.

Well, whatever was broken yesterday and last night (which prevented access to the message boards if you had just signed in) has been fixed. Thanks Pcom tech team. But some things remain broken. The “activity,” “recent discussions,” etc tabs are nonresponsive but no doubt will work again once the gremlins are kicked out.

As to the new site, there are both good and not so good things. There seems to be a lot of missing voices here.

I still can’t get signed in when I’m using my phone. I get as far as the “Log In” and that is as far as it goes. I just checked and I can get in on all of my tablets and two computers. Why doesn’t it like my phone?

Worked on my phone, but both PC’s I have couldn’t get to the message boards.

@Andy_Szymczak Last night I could read the message boards on my PC only as a guest. Once I signed in all I could get was “connecting…” Never got to the message boards. At first I thought it was related to a South Korean app I had been using so I cleared the cache, all cookies, rebooted my modem and router. Retried with my Windows 7 PC, then Safari iOS and my Android cell. Same problem. The interesting thing was that I had never signed out on my iPad mini and could both read and post had I chosen to. While the sign-in seems to be working now (office Windows PC), the Activity, Recent Discussions, Inbox, etc. tabs at the top of the page are all nonresponsive not only on my PC, but on my Mini as well.

At least the techs are making progress.

They must be very busy in IT Headquarters as everything seems to be working nicely now.

I finally was able to get signed in with my phone, but it seemed like a round about way to get it done. I’m going to play around on the phone and see if I can make it better. Am I wrong, or isn’t there a mobile version of the site?

Hey all,

Sorry for the recent problems with the site. An unrelated error had a cascading effect that made it impossible to sign in. We’re pretty sure we squashed the bugs, but if you see anything else awry, give me a shout.

@harry0244 said:
Links do not open in a new tab anymore.

In general, I don’t like it when a site forces links to open in a new tab, but I understand it’s a personal preference. Unfortunately, there are potential security problems when sites use a particularly popular method of automatically opening links in new tabs.

If you want to manually open a link in a new tab (on any site), you have a couple options:

  • Hold the command ⌘ key on a Mac or the ctrl key on Windows while clicking the link
  • right-click on the link and choose “Open Link in New Tab”

I did have a problem…did a scan and a fix errors on my computer. Went to re-sign in and did a “forgot my password” Got an e-mail from the sys and it took me to a page to edit my profile and wanted my password. I finally remembered mine…so didn’t need to use the dysfunctional re-do my password page.

Well I thought I had figured out how to get on the site on my phone, but that went south yesterday. I could not seem to get signed in so I could check the forums. Anyway, I guess Google helped me out. Somehow, Google had made the different forums “favorites” and it goes directly to them. I thought that was pretty nifty of them.

Still seems to be having a case of the burps again. Site timed out several times before I could get in. Could access it and read when not signed in, but the sign-in process started to hang again. The old Pnet was like a cockpit that fit perfectly. This one seems to need outfitting tweaks.

Threads - is there anyway to comment on a specific comment and follow that thread of discussion?

If you click on your name there’s a preferences box to the right which contains notifications you can set up.

So far, I’ve not figured out how to sort canoes from other stuff in the classifieds. Is there a way?