This video consistently blows me away

Was going through some old posts the other day and came across this video. Don’t think I posted here before but if I did felt it was worth a repost. I think this is a stunning capture of a beautiful piece of the world to paddle in.
More impressive is the paddling itself.
If you don’t feel like watching the full video, here are a few cheats to go directly to.
Keep in mind that GoPro tends to flatten out height and dull impact. Even so, these are magnificent conditions, made even more impressive when you consider these boats are often no wider than 17 inches.

1:45-2:05—Total Chaos on the water. Washing machine conditions.

4:33–Pause the frame right here and have a look at the size of the wave piling up to the left. Keep in mind that the boat is 21 ft long. Truly butt puckering.

7:00–The guy behind catches the shore break wave perfectly and makes up a ton of ground in a hurry.

Ah, it’s a thing of beauty. When’s summer coming back.


What I found interesting was who rotated the camera around at that 7 minute mark? Or was that one of those 360 degree cameras that you edit in post to do that. The waves seemed ok, not real big to me any way. I laughed when that one ski flipped over.

Looks pretty big to me.

Those elite guys make it look easy. Perhaps a view from the average guy.

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