Thoughts on a Native Marvel 10' or 12'

One for sale locally, but I’m not familiar with them.



And really no better quality than less expensive rec boats, and if they still use those awful plastic hatch lid that the latch breaks on the first time you use it then I’d consider something else. They claim their removable seats are the most comfortable, but the ones I’ve seen have cheap plastic hangers that break too.

Thoughts on a Native Marvel 10’ or 12’
Thanks for the response.


Design flaws
The removable seat is designed to rest in a foot wide recess that helps stiffen the hull. The longitudinal recess has two sharp corners, one convex (exterior corner) that has twice the hull thickness along it’s length and one concave that has HALF the hull thickness along it’s length. The seat pan rests on the interior concave corner and the bottom of the recess. Compounding that problem is the aft edge of the seat pan is just a few inches from the back of the seat where the majority of the paddlers weight rests. Cracks developing right behind the seat on the interior corner are not uncommon.