Thoughts on a TARPON 100

Im looking at one now but im not sure if it wil fit my need due to the 10 foot length. Ill be doing a vast majority, probably about 85%, of my fishing in lakes,…then about 10% in rivers like the Delaware, Susquehanna and Lehigh…and finally the last 5% are in bays of NJ/MD/DE and along the beach for fluke and stripers in those same 3 states…maybe venture out a bit further for sharks!

what do you guys think? Is this a good choice or should i look bigger?

***some lakes ill be in are quite large, one being 470 acres, another being 5400 acres.

While the 100 would work, I would encourage you to look at the 12 t 14 foot sot’s for your purposes.

Bigger will be the most
popular answer you’ll get I’m sure, but provided you can get your fishing kit in the Tarpon 100, it will handily do the first 95% of your intended paddling. Various of my family back in the UK, regularly use 10ft-long SOTs for all sorts of purposes (fishing and surfing included) along the South coast of Devon and Cornwall. English paddlers are used to smaller boats and shorter distance paddling trips, but I expect the Tarpon would be OK on good-weather coastal trips. I’m not sure (irrespective of kayak length) I’d want to venture too far out chasing any sharks though . A longer kayak will paddle faster (and ergo further) and be more seaworthy.

Personally though I think one should buy a boat that is well suited to its primary and most likely purpose. I will also say that though the Tarpon is well made, there are lighter and cheaper small SOTS, of similar quality, built by other N. American companies (e.g., Emotion and Elie) that you might consider. (Unless you are presently looking at a particular bargain or second-hand boat that is.)

I should perhaps add that I do not fish.

If you are going to paddle any

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distance,a 10 footer will work you to death, esp if you encounter wind or current.
Borrow or rent first.
I have owned two 16' Tarpons and currently own a 14'. The 14' is a good compromise with decent speed and handling. and I got it at a good price.

Tarpon 100
You will find that it handles a lot like a WW boat. It is very stable, tracks very badly (i.e., is very maneuverable), is quite slow, and lots of fun in waves. A longer boat will track better, be faster, have more carrying capacity, and be ho hum to paddle. So, choose what matters to you.

Tarpons are heavy
so you might be tempted to shave off a few pounds by getting the shortest model. The 10 footer is best for small paddlers and will be sluggish for an average sized person, not much fun for lake paddling. If you test some longer boats you may find the 12 footer to be too short for your use.

Perception Triumph 13
I’ve heard good things about Perception’s new 13 ft SOT.

Here are a couple of reviews

The second is from a British store’s site that also contains reviews of the Tarpon 100 and 120. Bear in mind the web-site is to help sell product.

Older design Tarpon 100 and 120 are still available as the the Pescador 10 and 12 from PerceptionSport ( for much less cash. The Pescador 13 might be the discontinued Perception Search 13.0 as no 13 foot (single) Tarpon was produced.

Thoughts on tarpon 100

The reviews on are written as we see it. The bull that comes with every kayak ever made/sold would tell you everything was perfect - it seldom is. Beware what the man in the manufacturers promo department tells you. We like the Perception Triumph 13 as much as the Tarpons thats why we bothered to review them. The boats we test that don’t quite hit the spot dont make it to the site.


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