Thoughts on an inflatable

I’ve been thinking about a personal duckie for a while. And I’ve rejected it. For the price of one that’s suitable for even moderate whitewater, I can get a hardshell boat that’ll do what I want.

But much of my paddling is placid river paddling. Easy-going, rough water can be easily avoided. Fairly shallow. No surprises. I’m often fishing when doing this type of paddle.

I’d like to be able to get my wife out with me. Now, I’ve got three kayaks, but she hasn’t had much interest in them. Every one has something that makes her uncomfortable. Well, sure hon. That’s called life on planet Earth. Ain’t nothing perfect. Especially my grammar.

Perhaps this would do.

Thinking about it. She could have a kid or paddle solo. She could stretch out. It’s a recreational inflatable. No big water. Are these things too much of pool toys? Could they put up with easy-going use for lazy river paddling? I’m assuming that initial stability on something like this would be outstanding. I’m also assuming that secondary stability would be non-existant, but that wouldn’t matter. My wife will never push it to the point of needing secondary stability. And wouldn’t know what to do with it if she had it. So initial stability all the way, the more the better is what I want for her.

Thoughts on this inflatable as a ride-along for fishing. We wouldn’t use it tandem. She’d use this solo while I used my fishing 'yak.

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It looks very similar to the high priced boats but I cant say what the quality is. The paddles are junk. Sevylor makes the river x series that have a decent reputation.

Wouldn’t get the paddles or pump
Both are junk. Just the boat.

I’ll look at the Sevylor.

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With good PDF try a
Coleman inflatable. It comes with a kayak paddle and you can pick one up from Walmart for $80. It’s a lot of fun for a beginner, very comfortable, just be sure you don’t have to worry about snags or sharks! We use ours down at the lake every summer and they hold up very well to the abuse.

I watched a couple paddle a Sevelor
kayak. The were having fun, but it still caught the wind.

man I couldn’t bring myself to paddle one, first log or stick you don’t see and POP you’re going down… I’d have the wife try out different seats for the kayaks or even sit on a pillow… If that don’t work then I’d tell her she can be a lil uncofortable or run the risk of the boat sinking and having to swim to shore… If you do go with an inflatable I’d say go for the Sevylor, they seem a lot more durable and reputable than others cheap imitations…

I don’t know about that.
I’ve used an Aire Lynx on a class 3+ run full of ledges and rocks. It slid over the ledges better than my hardshells sometimes.

The difference is, I don’t have the money for an Aire Lynx or even an NRS Bandit. I might be able to sqeeze out a Sevylor or similar.

I’ll see if I can borrow one from somebody, if I can find anyone who admits to owning one.

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Sea Eagle may be OK too. Have

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one of their rafts. Its not a white water craft, but did ok in flat and slow water, except for the typical problem that raft are difficult to control in the wind and a b**** to paddle anytime. It has multiple chamers, is about 25 years old and will still float, though one of the valves appears to be leaking around the place where its glued in. Sea Eagle will be less expensive than Seveylor.

No experience.
Was tempted by these to get started last year. Ultimately decided on hard shell instead. Still might consider eventually for something to store in the car when I travel for work.

Here’s a link:

I’ve got a Coleman

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I second the "with good PFD", and would also say "only in warm, slow moving, protected water near shore on a non-windy day".

It can be fun to toss in the back of the car for a weekend trip where "I might be able to sneak away for a little bit and do some paddling."

I find mine to be great for paddling the Trinity River in Fort Worth when I need an excuse to get away from my mother-in-law.

The paddles that come with them are awful. I tossed them after my first paddle.