Thoughts on Astral Tempo 200 PFD?

To be used for fast training and racing. So I guess mostly, how’s the mobility in one of these? Thanks, Wally.

I have the 300…
It has a lot of freedom in the shoulders and the arms in a kayak. There is a lot of bulk in the belly and while it’s OK in a yak I don’t know how that would work while paddling a canoe.

I’m Selling One
I think I bought too small. The straps rub my neck. I’m a medium size and I bought ‘small to medium’. Shoulda bought ‘medium to large’. It felt good in the store!

If I don’t get any takers here locally watch for it on ebay… if you aren’t a big person.

Astral Tempo 200
One of the best PFDs available, ever. #00 is even better.

But, modern PFDs are getting awfully fit sensitive. I think Astrals are wonderful, but Phil Curry, the designer, is about my size and shape.

Shop around - what fits me may bot fit you.

Try the Astral Newton
More comfortable with torso rotation than the Tempo. Only downside is that its not Coast Guard approved.