thoughts on Bending Branches Crank

shaft paddles for kayaks…

Strength, duability, does the ferrel thingy in the middle get loose?

Thinking of getting a new one and leaning towards wood.


Don’t know about
the crankshaft, but I had a BB Tailwind (wood) and loved it. Used it plenty and never had a problem with the ferrule coming loose, or anything else for that matter. It was a GREAT paddle. This time around I chose to go with the Infusion Dream glass shaft. I have nothing but praise for Bending Branches paddles!

love it
used it for a year know paddling about 2-3 times a week. the ferulle hasnt loosened yet dont plan on it time will tell. the only thing is my wifes hands are smaller so i may take off the foam for her to use it more. thats the only downfall i can see.


Not Used THAT BB Paddle…
…but 4 of our 6 kayak paddles are Bending Branches and we think they’re an excellent value. Three are Infusion Dreams with wide blades and work well on our rivers arround here, can’t recall the name of the other but very light carbon shaft, skinny blade. No play in the ferrules and one is over two years oldwith probably 50-60 days use on it. There’s a person on E-Bay, “Paddlesource” who I’ve purchased all of mine from and I have nothing but praise for this dealer and BB paddles. WW

the crank is a great paddle
I have a crank and an infusion and cam’t decide which I like better, the infusion has an ovalized grip where as the crank doesn’t.The ferrules are top notch and will not wear out. I couldn’t be happier ,especially for the price.