Thoughts on Bending Branches Starlite

straight shaft canoe paddle? I just bought a 56" Starlite on ebay and am wondering if anyone out there has experience or thoughts on them. Hopefully I’ll have mine by this weekend and and can give it a try if I can find liquid water.

I didn’t find any reviews on this paddle, but did find some still for sale when I googled it.

Happy paddling.

I received the Starlite and tried it
Saturday in my Sawyer Summersong in very windy conditions. It seems like a pretty nice paddle, but at 25.5 oz in the 56" length, it seemed pretty heavy compared to the 12oz carbon fiber bent shaft that I was using first (what else would I expect). I wouldn’t want to use it for a long day trip. The paddle seems well made and should be very durable. I’ll probably like using it more in my Mad River Slipper than in the Summersong because the Slipper is more fun to turn using leans & sweeps.