Thoughts on kayak purchase

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I'm a fairly new paddler (again). Used to paddle a Noah jeti >20 years ago that was a fun large volume boat. Recently, I've been playing around on open water and small rivers with a Pyranha Fusion which is a lot of fun. My wife has enjoyed paddling and I would like to give her the Pyranha and I'd like to pick up a boat (ie, river runner) that I could start getting into some white water again. I am a small paddler; 144 lbs at 5'8". I've considered the Liquid Logic Remix 59 or 69; though when I paddled the 59 it seemed about right (felt more volume than advertised and Im afraid I'd feel like I was swimming in the 69). I want something that will still track well (I guess good enough for a WW boat) so I can still do trips with my wife, but also is maneuverable and will allow me to advance in skill. I also like the Jackson Zen and Hero series, but haven't gotten a chance to paddle either of these; probably b/c the outfitting in LL is too comfortable? Has anyone had experience with the Remix? Or are there other boats you would recommend? Thanks!!

Check volume/yr on the Jackson Heros
I and my husband demo’d them the first year they were out, and they were really too protective. Made more as creekers than river runners. Lots of volume, though they were great baby sitters for barcalounger paddlers. We both rolled ours (in two different sizes) and they did roll well enough, just with more effort than we expected.

I think, am not sure, that Jackson tuned the volumes in subsequent years. If so you might find a used one to be an apt choice. But it is worth checking on the volume and age if you are already accustomed to boats that function well in WW.

LL has great quality
I’ve had (have) several liquidlogic ww boats and their plastic is nicely done and durable. I did have a Remix but switched to a Zen because it had more rocker than I want in a river runner and less of a planing hull.

The Zen has less rocker and more edge, making it easier to drive a line in rapids and features, at least for me. It also surfs better and is fast, making attainments a breeze. However, I have not found Jackson boats to be especially durable (but buy them for the design of certain models).

I’d also suggest you try a Jackson FunRunner. It’s a hoot. You may be able to come up with one cheap because I believe it’s eclipsed in the Jackson’s brand proliferation.

Another candidate I’d recommend is the Wave Sport diesel.

its interesting that the 59 felt like it
had more volume than expected. I demoed a friend’s on the upper new in wv at high water. I found myself wanting more boat under me, not less. I would have been much happier paddling your Fusion that day. I weigh 220 so I’m on the upper end of the 59’s weight range.

Remix and Diesel both very popular and well put together designs. I went with a used creeker for my primary ww boat. I’m still getting used to my Shiva but after 1/2 a dozen runs I’m starting to feel better about it as an overall river runner.