Thoughts on Old Town Discover 160k?


I am about to purchase my first canoe (used), it is an Old Town Discovery 160k. It will primarily be used for me, my wife and two kids (8 and 2) to enjoy on the water.

I can’t find much about this model online, but I know it is pretty wide (40") and a few people have recommended using the built-in oar locks and rowing it.

We would like to paddle this down smaller rivers and use on lakes now and then, but I’ve read that it’s “a pig” to paddle. I’m just wondering if it is that much worse than say a Grumman 17 aluminum canoe, or your average family canoe.

Basically, I’m trying to figure out if this particular canoe is harder than most to paddle. I want my family to have a good time, and don’t want it to be unreasonably difficult to use.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!

Welcome to the group.

Here is my opinion. I don’t think you will have any problem once on the river doing your family floats or out on the lake. With two paddlers I think you will be fine. You will want to do some planning on how you will be moving it off the water and getting it to that water and such as it is pretty heavy. I think I read it is about 90lbs. I have a poly OT guide 147 that is close to 80lbs I’m 65 and not as strong as I once was but I get mine on the roof with a DIY assist I made for solo loading and into the water using strap on kayak dolly wheels so if you are putting in and taking out where there is a decent ramp even dirt it wont be a lot of work. Getting it up a steep bank is another matter with a couple little ones you need a good size boat though and it should be very stable.

If the condition is good and the price fair I would give it a try and if you find it too much you can sell it for what you have in it.

I would even suggest you try kayak paddles around 240cm with a person in the bow and stern seat paddling. If she is going to have to watch the 2 year old then that may also change the paddling situation.

One person paddling down stream or on a calm lake is fine but wind or going upstream might require two.

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Thanks, I appreciate hearing your take on it! I think we’ll try it out, and like you said, if it doesn’t work they seem to sell pretty fast.

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