Thoughts on the Necky Tahsis

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Hi, does anyone have any recollections about the Necky Tahsis? I have a chance to test paddle one this fall and would appreciate any thoughts on it, especially from people who've owned one.

I've searched everywhere for opinions on how the boat handles and it feels like I've read every one, which isn't difficult when there's so little information out there (understandable given it was only manufactured from 2003-06).

Anyways, this seems to be the consensus on the Tahsis:

-Very fast expedition boat (Just what I'm looking for!)
-Suited for smaller paddlers (Yes! A long, fast boat for short people)
-Good tracking, turns well when edged
-Iffy initial stability, moderate secondary

Would anyone care to guess what its speed is comparable too?...maybe a little below the Nigel Foster Silhouette? Any thoughts on rough water performance/weathercocking? Most of my time is spent on the Georgian Bay (Ontario) where it can get pretty wild--I'm hoping any issues I have with the initial stability can be overcome by simply adding more gear.

Thanks in advance!

Owned one
In a nutshell, buy it!

I had a Kevlar version with a smart track rudder. Definitely Necky of old prior to the Johnson Outdoors ownership.

I thought it rode and handles far better than the Looksha IV series and certainly tracked better than the Elaho DS which is what the cross section is modeled after.

I think you’re going to thoroughly enjoy it if you like a lower profile whitewater fit fast expedition kayak.

One of those kayaks I kick myself for selling.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Thanks Marshall! I paddle a skeg boat so a Smart Track rudder is definitely something I thought about adding just to have my solid foot bracing. From what I can tell this is the glass version with the factory Necky rudder (unless the factory rudder WAS the Smart Track).

My first boat was bought in a big box store so all the models were one-size-fits-all. It wasn’t until I sat in a Tempest 165 that I realized how much I’d overlooked that aspect of choosing a kayak. Can’t wait to try it!

Rudder options
That vintage had a large aluminum rudder, same design in titanium and SmartTrack as a third. You can always replace a sliding foot peg arrangement with SmartTrack ones.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

re: Smart Track Foot Controls
I didn’t quite realize the components were interchangeable. Good to know.

The boat was part of a rental fleet so I’m prepared to make some improvements. Plus those neoprene hatch covers are pushing a decade so it might be time for new ones.

BTW There’s a Kevlar Tahsis for sale in Maine (Craigslist). Time to buy her back? :stuck_out_tongue: