thoughtsnprayers to my fellow Minnesotan

My thoughts and prayers for my fellow Minnesotans and Minneapolians. I live in Minneapolis and I go over that bridge all the time my girlfriend heads over it on her way to work everyday. I finally got a hold of my brother after the cell phone lines cleared. My heart goes out to all the injured and the people who may have lost someone tonight.

Second that . . .
I have several friends in that area, and lived less than a mile from there one summer for a college intern (I lived in Riverside Plaza - Still called Ghetto in the Sky?). I drove over that bridge about every day for that 3 months.

I wonder where it will happen next ?
Last week while training for a race up in Mass, I paddled under a bridge that is one of the main arteries that carries traffic from Boston to Cape Cod, and was absolutely astounded to see the terrible shape the supports were in.

Some of the concrete columns had the concrete spalled completely off and the circular rebar was exposed and the main concrete supporting beams had huge chunks of concrete broken off, also exposing the rebar.

Kind of weird that I commented to my wife that their are probably bridges all over the country like this and was wondering when one would collapse !


Sad indeed
I’m heading to Minneapolis today after work. I was just planning my route yesterday which would have taken me back and forth over the bridge a couple times when I saw this on the news. On Saturday, we were going to be paddling under it on the Mississippi. Fortunately, I was able to get ahold of my friends in Minneapolis to make sure they were all ok.

My heart goes out to everyone who has friends & family who were on the bridge and got hurt or are missing.