Thougths on Waterstick Karma paddles?

There are only two reviews on this paddle. One says that they like the paddle, but are unsure about the durability and the other says the blade fell apart and the shaft broke during a roll. Any other feedback on these?

I’m considering buying one and would like to know if they’re ok for durability or junk.

Thanks in advance for the replies.

must be a used one…
…(or perhaps never-sold old stock) because they are out of business. I had heard a company (I suppose whoever bought out the remaining inventory) was honoring the Waterstick warranty but no longer using the name? Anybody know the specifics?

I’ve had a Waterstick (not sure what model) for several years & it is holding up well, but it did have just a little play until I stopped taking it apart…now the two sections are fused. (No play but now I can’t feather).

Thanks for the feedback paddlinunit.
It’s new overstock, but no warranty or support available.

Would you advise for or against
buying a Waterstick Karma for $100? Original price was $200.

Hey JackL,
Were you the JackL bidding on the Waterstick Karma on e-bay?

I ended up not bidding on it because of concern about the build quality and durability of it after reading the reviews and the feedback on this thread. It sold for $112, which may be a great price, but I want a paddle that will survive a few trips. Also, they wanted $30 to ship it.

…I’ll bet that was “our” JackL, LOL. I got mine on ebay too (eighty some dollars & maybe $10 shipping). You didn’t miss anything, but some of their carbon fiber ones retailed well above $300. The basic Karmas I’m pretty sure are all fiberglass.

Own 2 Watersticks…
One for my OC and one kayak. Both are lightweight and the OC is very durable (ww model). The Karma is nice and reminds me of a Werner Camano, although the tri-hedral shape of the blades take a little getting used to on sculling strokes.


Thanks for the positive feedback.
Yours is the first completely positive feedback that I’ve read. That gives me confidence to bid on future 240cm Watersticks that come up for auction.