Thousand Islands Camping Question

Anyone have experience camping in the NY State Parks island campgrounds after they close for the season? Because of budget problems, most of the parks are closing early, on Labor Day. In particular Canoe Point or St. Mary’s Island…Would they run you off?

1000 Islands Parks
Can’t answer about the US parks, but the Canadian National Park Islands are open year-round. I’m not sure when the park rangers stop coming a round doing spot checks to see if you’re made a payment in the (voluntary) boxes at the landing docks, but I very much suspect that they would stop sometime around Labour Day as well.

I also suspect that your chances of being stopped by Coast Guard boats at any time would be greatly reduced after Labour Day. Technically, you’re supposed to register with Customs when you return to your own country after a landing in the other country. It’s up to you to decide if you want to do that or not. You’d most likely get away with it if you didn’t. (Assuming that the Predator flying around up there can’t identify you clearly enough to allow the customs people to come a callin’.)


Canadian Thousand Islands

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It has been my experience in the Canadian Thousand Islands, that Canada Parks stops collecting landing and camping fees after Canadian Thanksgiving:

This year Canadian Thanksgiving falls on October 12th. I'll be starting a week of paddling there on October 14th.

Got to respectfully disagree with the previous poster; after 09/11 paddling across the border up here in the North Country has become a very big deal!

I now carry my passport in a waterproof wallet when paddling close to either side of the border.

Have paddled both sides of the Thousand Islands, and the Canadian side is the best by far:


Thousand Islands Camping Question

Try Krings Point State Park. Cabins are available, close to Alexandria Bay. Also it will put you in a great paddling spot, islands close by and close to Chippewa Bay islands, lot of history and backwater.

Thanks I ended up making
reservations at Kring Point. Couldn’t get a walk-in site on the day I planned to arrive, but I did get a waterfront drive-in tent site two days later. No worries, I’ll take my time driving up there, stop and do some paddling in NW Pennsylvania and finger lakes and get there Sunday afternoon. Weekdays in mid September I’m anticipating pretty low usage. Now just cross my fingers for good weather. I have the whole week and it looks like there is quite a bit to do to ride out some rough days.

That’s the beauty of the islands

usually there will be a lee from the wind depending on where you launch, and there are enough launch sites up and down Route 12 to put in and paddle the area. Enjoy.

Misc. U.S. GPS Waypoints

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Just ignore this post if using a GPS is not your thing.

Disclaimer: Though these waypoints have been field checked and Google Earth checked, a GPS is not a substitute for having a map and compass, and the skills to use same.

1.Grass Point State Park (Public Launch Site)
N 44° 17.003’ W 75° 59.947’

2.Canoe Point Sate Park
N 44° 18.561’ W 76° 04.464’

3.McHales on the River (Cottages Slightly NE of Clayton: Private Launch Site
N 44° 15.144’ W 76° 03.030’

4.Kring Point State Park (Public Launch Site)
N 44° 22.537’ W 75° 51.546’

5.Pee Stop after Kring Point State Park
N 44° 20.856’ W 75° 54.256’

6.Mary Island Sate Park
N 44° 21.839’ W 75° 55.384’

7.Chippewa Bay (Public Launch Site)
N 44° 26.495’ W 75° 45.795’

8.Pee Stop after Chippewa Bay (Oak Island SE Corner)
N 44° 25.490’ W 75° 47.324’

9.Cedar Island State Park
N 44° 27.041’ W 75° 47.363’

Hope you have a great paddle, and I look forward to reading your trip report.