Has any one ever experinced a total hip replacement and continued to kayak

Many people have…
…though I merely broke my hip 10 years ago. There is nothing about a hip replacement that should impair kayaking.

There used to be hip flexion limits with
a THR. A friend who had a THR back when they were less proven had to back off his open boating because of that limitation. It is possible that later THR’s don’t impose that limitation.

Here’s a link to a success story
that may illustrate the upper limit of a good postoperative outcome.

The person in question was an avid and successful mountain climber who resumed a very high level of climbing activity after having first one, and then the other hip replaced. I suspect he has a lot of “zen” about how he moves and gauges stress to his body.

So far, however, I have been unable to get a clear answer about hip flexion limitations, although one would think that a mountain climber would routinely have to exceed those encountered in kayaking.