Thread Spec, Deck Fittings, P&H Scorpio, sail-rig?

I want to 3d plastic print a piece to mount on the front-deck of either my wife’s 2020 Scorpio LV and/or my 2021 Scorpio MV. There are two threaded fittings on the front deck that I’d like to attach to. These are provided by P&H as fastening points for attaching a sail rig. I can try different fasteners in there until I find a fit and the hole spread - but thought that someone here may already know the thread size and spacing. I already tried M4 screws but the diameter is too large for the tapped holes. I submitted a Contact-Us note on the P&H website a month or so ago but haven’t received a reply.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Steve & Linda
SW Ohio, USA

That should be a M4 thread. That’s what I’ve used for years in all the Scorpios and now Virgos.

The flexible mast foot is made by Riley Fittings of Australia. If you can print one, great or if if in need I keep a couple spare at the Store.

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There are M4 x 0.7 and M4 x 0.5 fasteners. Make sure you are trying the right thread pitch.

Thanks guys,

We won’t be mounting anything sail-related. I want to mount a small sailboat wind-direction indicator. I believe that it is a Little Hawk model. I will 3d plastic print a small mounting bracket and attach to these two front-deck inserts. We plan to just use it periodically until we get better at reading the wind direction. The shaft of the indicator will just slip into the ID of the printed bracket - so we can easily slide it in or out for transport or just putting away in a hatch, etc.

MK 1

I posted incorrectly earlier. I actually tried M5 screws (not M4). I’ll get a couple M4 screws, thread them in and measure across them [subtracting 4mm] to get the C-L spread.

Thanks again all!

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