Three Kayaks on top

I need to transport the three kayaks in the photo on top of my SUV and was just going to stack them up and strap them down. Seeing as two of them are fairly similar i was going to put those on the bottom and then put the longer aquaterra on top of them in the middle. Or i could stack up the shorter ones on top of each other, and just strap my aquaterra directly to the cross bars just next to them…

Thoughts and thanks…

Put them on their sides side-by-side on your roof (preferably on some form of cross bars, and also preferably with stackers or a j_rack or some other implement installed to prevent left-right motion of the boats). I would put the two similar ones next to each other, and the Aquaterra on the outside.

Pictures from a Google search to give you ideas: (this guy seems to have made a rack out of PVC pipes)

Something like a stacker to anchor them in the middle, as above, and bow lines at least,one for each. Those short round wide boats are actually a whole lot harder to keep stable at highway speeds than a longer narrower one.

@Peter-CA said:

Eeek. I do not want to find myself behind this guy on the highway!