Thrills, chills and spills in the NW

The Deception Pass Dash

This is in around Deception Pass in Washington. It will be December 3rd and costs only 15-20 bucks. A great bunch of paddlers will be there and a ton of volunteers. Look to see some of my P-net buddies there.

Oh how we miss D-Pass
Moved away two years ago. Paddling in Chicago is nice, but we certainly don’t have anything like Deception Pass around here.

Wish we could join you in the pass. Nothing quite like eddie play in big current.


I hope wide world of sports
is going to be covering this!

That’s not a bad idea
We should contact some local TV and see if they’d be interested in covering it. Only problem is, it might scare away a few newbies. It is not going to be like the flat water Cross Sound Rowing races I have done in the past, that is for sure.

rope Jeff Renner into it
he’ll bite

he kayaks, sails & flies

You say “the only problem is, it might scare away a few newbies”. My worry would be just the opposite: show it on TV and next year you’ll have a turn-out in the thousands (cf. the Hydroplane Races and the Windemere Cup).