Throat wrap for aluminum paddle.

I know, they’re inexpensive paddles, and hardly worth the effort, but really nice to loan out or let kids learn with. That said, seeking advice on some kind of wrap for the throat of an aluminum paddle. Originally had thin foam, which deteriorated. Thinking it should provide some grip, but not sticky enough to cause blisters. Should be heavy enough to provide a bit of protection from cold metal in the spring/fall. Anyone tried bike handlebar wrap? Some kind of wrap used on hockey sticks?

Handlebar wrap works great…
Also might find some shrink tubing will work o.k. too.

Either way you can put a thin strip down of material parallel to shaft before wrapping for a bit-o-indexing.


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Go to a Golfsmith shop and buy some gripping material for golf clubs. Should work like a charm and probably last longer than whatever came on the paddle originally.

Rope or cord wrap
Easy to do, and you probably have suitable material on hand.