Throw-Bag Question

Does anyone know if throw-bags are manditory on all rivers? How would I be able to find out for Black Canyon at the Hoover Damn.


not sure
if a throw bag is mandatory, but up here what is required is a 50 ft. length of floating rope. I think it could be tied in a bunch of knots and be only 3 ft long and still be legal.

Throw bag would make more sense. Hard to throw a handful of rope very far.

How much trouble…

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How much trouble (unless you had to buy a new one) would it be to include a throw bag in your paddling gear on a regular basis?

Weight is minimal, takes up very little space, and there is always the "possibility" that it will come in handy. I've quit keeping count of the number of people I've pulled out of rivers with mine. 90% of them I didn't even know.


A throw bag is not required. A painter on the bow is required as well as wearing your life vest. There is a $200 fine available for anyone that gets caught not wearing their vest. For oufitters and guides it is much stiffer. Many people take the risk. kim

Would that be a
BLM regulation? Does this apply to other rivers under BLM jurisdiction?


Jim: This regulation is very specific to Black Canyon. The logic ehind it being> painters are needed to tie up boats, the water level can go up or down 4-6 feet in a relatively short period of time, depending on water relases. I have guided many trips on the canyon both day and multi-day, yes this water really does go up and down that much. PFD> There is a large amount of debri underwater. In the event of an drowning the body may be esier to find , rahter than risking the life of divers. Please not thie water is typically 54 degrees year around… A vest helps alot with the shock factor when people go in. There other areas with similar regulations but I do not know them. kim