Thule 815 question

I just bought J racks at Dick’s thinking I was getting the Thule Hullaport 835. I got home, opened the package the they’re 815’s. They have plastic between the bars. From what I can tell they look just like the 835’s online.

My question is do the 835’s have metal? Is this a big deal? I love my new boat, a Cetus LV, and really would like to transport it safely and securely.

Thanks in advance. :=)

For a short period of time Thule made an economy saddled called the Portside, part number 825. They discontinued it from the Thule brand and it’s re-appeared in the Sportworks brand under the name J Stacker. Sportworks is a brand Thule maintains to sell to box stores.

I wouldn’t recommend carrying a composite boat on The J Stacker. The hard plastic is going to scuff if not cause a stress crack to your boat. Spring for the nicer Hull-A-Port XT with the additional padding. A few dollars in extra protection could save an expensive repair later, not to mention the Hull-A-Port comes with nice ratcheting bow and stern lines.

815 same as 835?
Thanks for your help.

I called Thule today and asked what the difference was. Their response was the 815 and the 835 are the same.

It seems kinda suspect to me. The one at Dick’s is $100 while the 835 is $150 everywhere online. The 815 has hard rubber padding just like what the 835 appears to have online, but again, I’ve never laid hands on an 835. Clearly, I need to shop some more.

Anyone have any other thoughts?

No ratcheting tie-downs
I almost made the same mistake. The guy at Dick’s convinced me that the Thule J-rack they sell is the most popular one out there. I almost bought it, but when I went back, I realized that the one at Dick’s does not have the ratcheting bow and stern tie downs. It just comes with rope that you need to tie off yourself. I got the 835 on sale at EMS for $119, and it was well worth it.