Thule 835PRO Kayak Holder, locking?

-- Last Updated: Aug-27-10 3:25 PM EST --

So I purchased this and when I get it out of the box I realize it does not use the thule locking core feature. I should have looked at this closer in the store, but I didn't.

Is there a good way to lock these down that does not look bad?


more permanent
Perhaps this is a rather blunt way of making the unit permanent but put a M6 nut on the end of the bolts after you tighten the thumbscrews and dab it with crazy glue. Tighten the nut a little more so the glue is in the threads. It’ll definitely be a pain to take off.

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– Last Updated: Aug-27-10 3:25 PM EST –

That is a good idea, I am just not sure I want to make it permanate