Thule 883 Glide and Set

-- Last Updated: Apr-17-05 10:14 AM EST --

I just bought this carrier for my 95 Toyota 4Runner w/factory rack and I have a few questions.

Are the supplied wing knobs and bolts, adequate? Should I replace them with stainless steel hardware or another type?

Also, I notice that there is a third hole on each of the Hydro-Glide assemblies and the saddles. What is the purpose for these?

.........and finally if you use this set up. Are you happy with it? Any problems that I should be aware of.

I like them
This is my second year using the Thule glide and set with Thule’s Rollercoaster. I have a Kevlar QCC 400 that comes in around 45 pounds and I have no trouble loading the boat on a Chevy Tahoe by myself. I wondered about the thumb knobs as well, but they’re holding up pretty well. I tightened them well when first mounting them to the load bars and they haven’t loosened at all.

Not sure about the “third hole” you’re talking about. Would have to go look at them.

This is also my second year with this
setup. As you mentioned, the sight of the thumb nuts was a little unnerving at first, but they held up well all year.

I use them on factory racks for a 2003 Saturn Vue. They are very easy to use and make the load/unload part of the journey much easier.

I do check them for snugness periodically, but did not have to re-tighten at all last year.

Never paid any attention to the hole arrangements after I set it for my boat, so I can’t comment on the third hole.

Thank you
…for the replies, although I was hoping for a bit more info. A friend suggested that the third hole may be for a cable lock to go through.

third hole
In most cases the 3rd hole on Thule stuff is for mounting to a slot style crossbar with a t-bolt.

Some euro cars come with slotted cross bars so they don’t use clamp style fittings-but t-bolt.

…that would seem to make sense.