Thule 884 Roll rack

I have a compact car. I don’t totally see the advantage of the Thule roller. Watching a video of this unit in use, it seems like a) the kayak still touches the rear window or the roof as it slides up and b) the saddles work just as well as the roller for pushing the kayak forward.

Am I missing something?

I currently have the Hydroglide saddles. They work fine except that the kayak runs over the edge of the trunk, the rear window, and the edge of the roof. I’m trying to see how the roller would improve that setup.

Not all situations
Not quite the right vehicle for the Roller.

The Thule Slipstream would be a better option.

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Aha. I think I get it. Thanks.
The Roller looks like it would be better for a vehicle with a square back. The Splipstream would fit a compact car better because it extends out over the trunk. Is that what you mean?

What about a Hullavator for a compact car? I really like the simplicity of the cross straps, compare to walking around the car several times with a regular rack.

Put a foam backed rug on the area
where you’re having a problem of the boat touching. When the boat is loaded, just throw it in the trunk until needed again.

Heh heh
I’ve more or less destroyed my car with loading bikes and kayaks over the years. Fortunately it’s a disposable car at this point.

The rug thing works somewhat but it’s awkward. The stern ends up on the ground; the boat doesn’t seat well in the rear saddles; even with a rug you eventually damage the trunk and the seal around the rear windshield, . . . etc.