Thule advice-Honda CRV

-- Last Updated: Jul-27-06 7:58 AM EST --

I've got a 57lb 16.5' boat to load on my (new)Honda CRV. I've been using a Hullavator ('05) on my previous, shorter car, but it's falling apart and will be returned. I'm 5'4" and need to load this baby by myself. Has anybody tried the Thule Outrigger? Any other suggestions? Thank you!

Hello. We used the Thule “Glide and Set,” which is actually a pair of set-to-go saddles to the front of the vehicle (bow of kayak) and a set of hydroglides at the rear of the vehicle (stern of kayak). These are mounted on a Thule rack on our Isuzu pickup. Basically, you lean the kayak vertically against the back rack bar (bow pointed toward sky, if you will), then pickup kayak from the stern area and just slide it up and forward; the bow hull will drip nicely into the front saddles and you can adjust the kayak’s length on the rack easily. We mount two kayaks side by side with this system (which requires two complete sets). They lock in nicely; easy to strap down. The height of our rack is probably about the same or slightly higher than what you’ll be working with. My wife is 5’ 4", 125 lbs and can put her kayak up without straining. Our only caveat here is that our kayaks are 9 feet, 38 lbs. But, after getting the kayak leaning vertially against the rack, it’s actually a matter of leverage, not dead weight. Bonus – the saddles and glides are simple construction with not much to go wrong if used properly.

Hope this helps.