Thule Aero blades/saddle clamps

It seems my oldThule kayak saddles (still currently sold) were invented when most cross bars were square or round; the clamping mechanism does not seem to work well with my new Thule “Aero” bars. I bought the bars for horizontal carrying of a Pungo 140 on a RAV4. Any saddle and or brand suggestions other than the Hullavator & Slipstream, for horizontal carrying?

check with
They were able to sell for a very reasonable price a set of wing-profile adaptors for my bike rack, to fit it to a factory roof rack (was previously on round Yakima bars).

I just noticed Yakima makes a Mighty Mount 39H adapter for kayak saddles for mounting on wing type cross bars. Thanks you. In the meantime, I have made a provisional wedge or insert - not sure if it can be trusted for a highway/long trips. Maybe if I end up with a lighter kayak this won’t be as much of an issue.

Yakima Sweet Roll
When I switched to factory aeros, I needed new fitments. I found the Yakima Sweet Roll to be the best, and best fitting, horizontal carrier. Plus they’re locking.

Also found the Yakima Jaylow to be the best fitting J-rack. My older and more expensive Bowdown does not fit properly on the aeros, at least not on the ones that came with my car.

It is not so much the weight of kayak
but the SHAPE of the kayak as it sails thru the resistant force of the air/wind on the top of your vehicle, at speed, which determines whether or not it stays where you mounted it. It’s always as if you’re trying to transport a sail, without folding it up or having it blow off. Trick is to never over stress just one attachment point to failure - and not have other attachment points to act as fail-safes.

That being said, if the manufacturer’s specs say “holds up to a xx lb kayak” pay attention to the load limit for each component.

Thanks everyone
How hard would it be for Thule to offer two clamp profiles or designs, one for square bars and one for the newer aerodynamic clamp bars? Maybe it is more cost effective for the manufacturers to promote J cradles, Hullavator, etc rather than invest in updating saddles.

is the clamp part a separate part?
like this?

Good solution
I 'd like to buy 4 of those.

adapts clamps to Aero bars
Rack Attack - Thank you.

those guys are awesome
I was in the same position you are now, with my last car. They helped me out.

Thule Aero Bars/Thule Set to Go saddles: I spoke with Rack Attack rep. today and he said the Yakima Mighty Mount would not work with the Thule products - I cannot see why not but for now, I’ll take his word. Instead I am using cut pieces of carpeting that has a rubberized backing ; it seems to grip well and keeps the clamps from marring the rubber strip.