THULE Aero(oval)vs. Tracker square bars

Has anybody tried these newer aerodynamic bars vs. the older style ones. It seems like some accesories like the “canoe carrier” retainers only fit the square bars. Is the canoe adaptor even necessary or do most people just strap the gunnels of the canoe directly to the crossbars?

Rectangular Thule bars
are what we have for use with our canoe. I have, and like the canoe mounts. Really cradles the canoe in place and holds it firmly. Wind noise & drag is an issue though but I do believe Thule makes an aerodynamic fairing for them. I thought about applying some of that foam tubular pipe insulation as it will round out the flat faces of the bars. If I had to choose between more aerodynamics with no canoe cradles, or flat bars with cradles, I would go with the flat bars.