THULE cartop system

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Anybody use THULE cartop system for carrying their kayak?? I would appreciate it if somebody that is familiar with this system could take a look at this link to ensure that what I have priced out is a complete system that will carry my sea kayak (Prijon Kodiak).

I understand:

1. Yes, I would be putting this sytem on a 92 4dr. Ford Taurus sedan.

2. Am I correct that I only need a qty. of 1 LB50 Load bars (It does say a set of 2 bars).

3. WOW, am I correct that I will need to order a qty. of 4 400XT Aero Foot Pack?? My understanding here is that these are sold as a single unit,therefore, 4 are needed (one for each corner).

4. Looks like I need a qty. of 1 153 Fit Kit. It says that these are a set of 4 brackets and footpads.

5. This seems confusing to me as well. I'm thinking that I will need to order a qty. of 2 835 Hull-a-port brackets. It doesn't seem logical from a consumer point of view that these would not be sold as a set of 2.

I'm not being silly here, just getting an idea on pricing a new system. Of course I'll be looking on e-bay to if maybe I can luck out and find some of the components there for a bargain price.

Am I ordering the correct qty. of all components to carry a single yak??

Thanks in advance for any help!!



Complicated listings
I ran into the same thing when shopping for a system. The listings were as clear as mud. I can help you with the 835 question…only one is required, it consists of two j-cradles, enough for one boat.

What a relief…
I was beginning to think that I was having a terminal senior moment. I found their ordering system info. very complicated and unclear. Thanks much magoo for scoop on the 835!!! I went and looked on e-bay for the 400XT foot pack and I’m starting to think that they may come in a set of four, but will wait to see if I can get some other inputs to make sure.

Thanks again!!



Foot pack
I know it doesn’t say it anywhere, but from my experience all Thule foot packs come 4 to a set…so…you only need to order 1 set.

Thanks much…
to both yourself and magoo for clarifying this issue for me. Sure do appreciate your help!!



I find the Yakima rooftop system to be
MUCH more stable. I almost lost a kayak with the thule system, no matter how tight I tightened it, it still shifted. The Yakima that I traded my Thule in for after that incident locks down tight on the cross bar.

I think the problem with the Thule is it comes with these rubber washers for the head of the tightening screw, but if you tighten too much, the little washer just pops right off. But even with the washer off, I still couldn’t tighten it enough to keep it from shifting at highway speeds. In contrast, I feel as if I could hit the Yak with a sledgehammer and it wouldn’t budge.

I’m going to give them careful consideration as well before I make any purchasing decisions. I found their website (cartop fit system) to be more straight forward and much less confusing than the folks at THULE. I also noticed that with the J-rack support (Hullraiser) that they still suggest the use of tiedowns for bow and stern. Do you find this to be neccessary, or is this a corporate CYA idea??

Thanks again-



REI Now Has Racks On Sale

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REI is into their Spring Sale including many Thule and some Yakima paddling related hardward.

I definately agree that the Yakima cradle is way more stable than Thule’s. I have both, when I got my 2nd kayak, REI had a better deal on the Thule version. Definately wished I had waited, but what ya gonna do…

As far as bow/stren tie downs, I do just to be on the safe side. You could probably get away w/o it, but I’m just overly cautious when it comes to carrying loads on top of my car.

(BTW: I have a Yakima rack (bars, etc), so the Thule may fit better on Thule bars if you have square one’s)

Thule rack
I’ve read the replies, and I agree with the person stating that you probably only need one of the aero foot packs. I’ve used a thule system for over a year & love them…had not had any problems. I actually just recently bought a Jetta, which requires a special Thule rack, so I am selling my Thule cartop system which I had on my 1988 Honda Accord…I’m not sure if my system would fit your vehicle, but the people at the Kittery Trading Post (Kittery, ME)will look it up for you & let you know. They are extremely helpful for any questions you may have related to racks or gear.

I prefer Yakima too (no msg)

I saw some Barrecrafters in a consignment store once and they looked well thought out, but wondered if anybody has used them and did they find them solid, form fitting etc.?

regarding the tie downs…
I called Yakima customer service and asked if they were necessary for stability, or for added safety, ‘just in case.’ I was told it was for safety. I still choose use them.