Thule fittings on Yakima bar

Does anyone have a good solution for using Thule clamps on the round Yakima bars? I have Yakima 78" bars and a lot of Yakima stuff, but the Thule Glide and Slide was a much better fit for my wife’s new Avocet LV but the clamps rotate like crazy. I was thinking of a strip of rubber from an inner tube, but wondered if anyone had experience with a successful solution.



you can buy. . . . . .
an adapter from thule for round bars

Thule on Yakima bars
thanks. I’m trying to get a look at it on the Thule site and I can’t find it. Any clues?

Bicycle Inner Tube
Use bicycle inner tubes around the bars before you clamp the carriers on.

check the yakima site also
…which is where I got mine. You may have to call them.