THule Hulavator Question

Looking for advice on the Thule Hullavator unit. CAN IT BE USED WITH A CANOE??? ANYONE OUT THERE USE IT FOR THAT?

My Hulivators are set for kayak widths. My 14 ft solo is slightly wider, shorter, and different than the sea kayak that his there. So it didn’t fit right. But I have carried it upright and up side down. The 17 ft canoes ? Don’t know. The key is the width the rails van be adjusted and the length of roof.

It can depending on the width depth shape and the material. The taller cradle arm is curved so the end of it may impinge upon the side of the canoe. I’ve seen this done with a placid boat works canoe carried gunnel down where it fit well within the cradle arms and a Mohawk ww canoe right side up where the fit didn’t matter due to the strength of the poly used in the hull.

Be sure to use bow/stern tie downs as each linkage of the Hullavator has a tiny bit of play. Magnify that with the wind resistance against a canoe and possibly just a 27” bar spread and issues could arise.

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FWIW l find the bit of jiggle in the Hullivator cradles to be disconcerting for longer drives, even with my rational brain knowing the strength of the latch mechanisms. Like anything with highway drives involved.

My compromise is to add a second strap for each cradle. It is wrapped around the boat, the cradle latch inside and the cross bar as well as out to the factory rails. No jiggle, though l do get cracks about having made my life unduly difficult.