Thule Hullavator (Latch on handle will not engage to lift kayak)

I just installed the Thule Hullavator. It will go up and down with ease with my kayak not on it. My Necky Pinta weighs 70 lbs. It should lift the kayak as the Hullavator is raided for 75 lbs. The latch on the handle in the down position, will not engage to raise the kayak to the roof position. Looking for any suggestions. Will

Quoting from the Thule web site:
“Lift-assist rack for kayaks handles up to 40 lbs of the weight”.
So with your 70 pound Pinta, you have at least 30 pounds left for you to lift.

You may need to grab the handle and push slightly toward the car to get the handle to release before you start lifting (straight up).